Supply Chain and Warehousing


Tailor-made solutions

We manage goods from the moment your order is placed until its final delivery. When you entrust us with managing your order, we ensure the optimization of your transportation, maximize your investment, and handle your order with care. We offer total management of goods for transportation through seamless service with no breakage or loss. No need for you to manage communications with carriers, as we provide this service!

  • Container management
  • 4PL solutions
  • Customized management reports

Storage and consolidation

Thanks to our extensive network, we provide worldwide storage and warehousing solutions. We store your goods in secure facilities in which several other services are possible.

Available handling services:

  • Local services
  • International services


Dedicated storage service, customized palletization, food storage (certified warehouses and facilities), climate-controlled storage, and customized storage depending on volume of goods.

Customized customer service, transshipment service, freight consolidation, and other services dedicated to your needs.

Order processing and fulfillment, pickup and packaging, heat shrink packaging, labelling, and more.

Customized management reports, transportation management system (TMS), and more.

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