Plateforme de suivi personnalisé

User-friendly and automated

Logitrack was designed and built by our team for our customers. This tool was created exclusively for Logistica Solutions, and allows us to determine the location of customers’ orders by including all the necessary details for accurate traceability. We can adapt the application specifically to your needs and manage e-mail notifications at your convenience, allowing you to easily track your orders at every stage of export or import.

  • Customized management reports
  • Continuous tracking
  • Customizable
  • E-mail notifications

For a demo of the platform or to activate your account, please contact us.


Logitrack allows you to easily choose the customer or type of transport for your company, depending on how you want to track your transactions. We can group all of your orders or separate them according to transport mode, even by import vs. export. We have the flexibility to modulate the tool according to your needs.

Viewing orders

This page displays all your upcoming, pending, and delivered transactions. The tool allows you to not only view transactions, but also to add transactions, modify or add information, and attach or retrieve documentation specific to your transactions. A filter can be applied to identify your desired transactions depending on the status of your orders.

Filters can be customized according to your needs for optimized use of the application. This page also allows you to modify all columns and data that you want to display. If you have internal references, case notes, or other requests, let us know and we will make the changes. Additionally, Logitrack will also allow us to configure e-mail notifications so that you don’t have to search for information, as it will be directly delivered to you or your colleagues.

Export to Excel

If you want to use data to create various reports, Logitrack allows you to export all data on your shipments directly onto an Excel file. You can export the entire grid, or only what you need, according to your applied filters.

You have the freedom to access all your data in just a few clicks.

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